About RaggAhmed

RaggAhmed is a health and communications consultancy established in 2005. We offer writing, editing and publishing services to governments, universities and non-government organisations in health and social services. We provide consultancy services, including strategic planning, communications advice, health advice and research. And we deliver professional development programs in writing and editing skills.

We are based in Sydney, but work with clients across Australia and in Asia. 

Our unique combination of excellent communication skills, a broad and deep knowledge of health and expertise in project management allows us to provide full-service support from strategic planning and research, through to the development of resources, project implementation and evaluation.

We have a particular interest in:

  • mental health
  • public health
  • health promotion 
  • the health literacy of consumers and organisations
  • effective communication.

We work only with clients who have the public good at heart.


How are we different?

Well, we start from the endpoint. What are you trying to achieve? What do you want to change?

We work in partnership with the client, but always keep the ultimate audience in mind. Our work is not only accurate, but contains the nuances and subtleties demanded in health.

Have a look at some of our work, our panel appointments and memberships, download our brochure or contact us.

Our vision

To live interesting lives in a healthy and equitable world.


Our mission

  • To contribute to an improvement in health and equality in Australia and our region.
  • To work with people we like, doing work that is beneficial to others.
  • To treat clients, colleagues and ourselves with respect.
  • To create better results for our clients than they expect.
  • To be true to our beliefs in equality, fairness, truth, beauty, justice, transparency, diversity and the benefits of enthusiasm.